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human value design® is unique

human value design is a scientifically based and field-tested method for measuring, questioning and continuously promoting values. Regardless of whether employees or customers: Values must not be empty words, but must be experienced personally by everyone. The value drivers become concretely visible and measurable in business processes. In this way, you can create something new together and bring about a change that takes everyone along with it.

The goals are quite simple: you have to be able to measure values, complex things have to become simple. Then everyone can pull together and also understand the connections. In practice, values are calculated for intangible and real assets. human value design ergänzt das Service Design Thinking um die messbare Umsetzung in der betrieblichen Praxis. With the help of agile methods and gamification, values and emotions can be used effectively in business processes.

Key figures are only sustainably anchored in action through values and emotions. In order to be able to make the successes visible, the ideas and models of the participants are important. This makes working with people even more important than before. However, the models need not only key figures, but also stories, emotions and visualizations such as graphics and photographs. Successful digitization requires a “model-driven business”. Empathy thus becomes an integral part of business management.

Does that sound familiar?

Have you started a business and written down new ideas in business plans? And then investors talked about vision and values, but only got stuck on metrics.

A key experience occurred during a break in a strategic planning meeting. A major investor said to me, “Do you know why we invested in your company? Because you’re there.” Then, when we got back to the meeting, we discussed only projected sales and costs. The values that supposedly mattered didn’t matter five minutes later. The knowledge of my highly skilled staff and partners, our network and intellectual capital fizzled out. We were years ahead of the market and the USPs so sharpened that, despite having the best strategic investors, we ended up alone. Years later, the products were successfully established in the market without the investors.

Values are in the people. Excellent products and services are only one prerequisite for business success. Neurosensitivity and value orientation strengthen development potential and stabilize business processes.

Values must be measured. Costs and sales are only one part, because intangible assets only reveal the true values. It is therefore important to explore and measure these with customers and employees, because only then can they be developed in a targeted manner.

Values are the basis for a people-centric strategy. Focusing purely on unique selling propositions leads to business models that move away from customers and employees. People think beyond the boundaries of business processes and that is why only ESG scores and value journeys show the full spectrum for business success.

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  • The method human value design®

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