2. Human Resources & Customer Experience

3. Knowledge Management & Künstliche Intelligenz

4. Process Optimization & Simulation

5. Ergonomics & User Modeling

1. Strategy & Business Development

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The expert on human digitization.


30 years of research and practice provided valid results for a new concept of value, dynamic models of people in business administration, and computer-assisted empathy.

A new theory of value enables people to break new ground. In business management projects, the theory and its method, the “human value design” has been successfully used for years with well-known companies. A complete reference model of nursing processes and their simulation was created in the healthcare sector. The results resulted in a new method for objective assessment of social services, which was presented in Scandinavia in 2017.

In the research centerDITES – Digital Technologies and Social Services, I unite interdisciplinary worlds with leading colleagues to make digitization a seamless driver of progress with ethical, legal and social implications.


More than 20 years of teaching business administration and computer science at universities and colleges included leadership, customer relationship management, consulting, management, business processes, information systems, databases, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

I use new teaching methodsto impart practice and theory at a high level at the Schmalenbach Institute of Economics at the TH Köln. Hybrid digital learning and cutting-edge tools like AnyLogicand Mendixhelp students create applications that are ahead of the curve.

Students should broaden their awareness and be prepared for future practice to be independently successful in future markets.

Practical Experience

In more than 30 years of practical experience, I have been able to design new products and services that thousands use every day in large corporations, medium-sized companies, as a company founder and business developer.

The focus has always been on people: human resource management, customer relationship management, human business intelligence, business processes, simulation of people. The projects were always successful. They led from vision to strategic planning to innovations that still endure today.

New research findings are incorporated into practical projects to stay ahead of the future. To do this, I scale my visions so that they become timely innovations.

Curriculum Vitae

09/2005 – todayProfessor at the TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences
for Business Administration and Business Informatics, Faculty of Economics and Law, Schmalenbach Institute for Business Sciences
03/2004 – 08/2005Professor at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
for Computer Science/Business Informatics (FB2), esp. Databases, Data Warehouse, ERP, CRM
10/2001 – 02/2004Dr. Lindner Consulting, Troisdorf
Headhunting, CRM & HR Business Intelligence
03/1997 – 09/2001CEO at humanIT AG, Sankt Augustin
12/1996 – 11/1998Junior Scientist / Post-Doctoral Researcher, Sankt Augustin
Project manager for the foundation of the spin-off company humanIT of GMD – German Research Center for Information Technology GmbH (merged with Fraunhofer)
08/1993 – 11/1996Officer for management development at the holding of the Vereinigte Elektrizitätswerke Aktiengesellschaft (VEW AG), Dortmund
(merged with RWE AG), power of attorney
09/1989 – 06/1993Research Assistant / Assistant, Dr. rer. pol.
Department of Economics and Social Sciences, Chair of Business Informatics, especially in the Service Sector, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
10/1982 – 07/1989Study of Industrial Engineering, Technical University of Darmstadt
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing., Electrical Engineering (Robotics & AI, Neurobiology, Marketing, Econometrics)
01/1982 – 09/1982Trainee, Smiths Heimann GmbH, Wiesbaden

Internship for the basic studies in industrial engineering

07/1973 – 12/1981Natural science high school Oranienschule, Wiesbaden
Early baccalaureate (advanced courses in mathematics and physics)
1969 – 1973Elementary Schools Nürnberg, Friedrich-Hegel-Schule, Birkenwald-Schule
07.12.1963Bon in Nürnberg